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Her birimiz işimizi severek ve isteyerek yapıyoruz,
Yaptığımız işin bir bütün olduğunu ve her birimiz bu bütünün birer parçası olduğumuzu biliyoruz..


Sektörü 1995 yılında ambalaj ve kağıt, plastik poşet üretimi yaparak başladık.


2005 yılından sonra sektörde uzmanlaşmamız gerektiğine karar verdik ve yaptığımız işin en iyisi olmak için en iyi baskı tesisleri ile çalışmaya başladık.


2015 yılına geldiğimizde alanında profesyonel tasarımlar yapan ve bu tasarımları en iyi kalitede üretip zamanında teslim eden bir duruma geldik. Ve bunu ilkelerimize, ve siz değerli paydaşlarımıza borçluyuz.



  • Game adaptation of American author George Martin Thrones HBO, published by HarperCollins, A Song of Ice and Fire. It shows a survey of medieval fantasy world, with many heroes fighting in the only game that matters – the game of thrones. In this game, youwin or die, there is no middle ground.

    Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4
    50 3 Torrent rating


  • In medieval England, Merlin and Kral Artur cast a bad witch Morgana and son Mordred until the end of the world, while Morgan promises revenge. Nowadays, Penn Knights senior does not take many stories of their supposed ancestors, even zinapatikanakatika generation anti Thailand. But when Morgan and his son back down, weapons and alien technology and tend to destroy every last descendant of King Arthur and his knights, Penn must agree to kogoToy was born to be collecting new Knights of the RoundTable, to savethemselves and the country’s total revenge Morgana.

    King Arthur and the Knights of
    46 2 Torrent rating


  • PDF Unlock & Lock Software

    Hackster63 – Gifts

    Release Date: December 26, 2012

    Release Name:

    Protection tool fully registered – no need to show any cracks.

    Software unlock a dynamic PDF up, the solution is designed so that,

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    PDF Unlock & Lock Software

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  • TreinstationDe film about the hero by the name, the face with brown that happens in multiple life changes is changing its plans with the crash of a cruel train at a shot. Written and directed by her are hundreds of people who play the same actors a numerous new protagonist of a movie changesVoices, new urban and new director with one story every time in a new way.


    Clade: NA

    CommuniaPublication Date: 15 June 2017

    Genre: Pop / Wine / Drama

    Size: Not available

    GAM Machine Slot Machine

    Patrick Gorman was a sculpted idol, Hoersch Judith’s book: for the whole sum of the same John

    Director:Tony Rock, Xavier Ostra Bruno Bajornas

    Format: 2D

    Train Station 2017
    41 0 Torrent rating


  • Insaniquarium Deluxe 1

    Insaniquarium colorful cartoon puzzle game that focuses on the aquarium. You need to keep feeding your fish tank with different range. Some fish eat fish food while others eat their fellow inhabitants of the aquarium. But keep your forage fish is not the only challenge: the hostile aliens in the tank and must be fought. Adventure mode is the standard game mode is to play as a tank sandbox mayadisertakan.

    Strange and ymladdElikadurarakoarraina

    Insaniquarium and colorful cartoon graphicseasy to play puzzle interesting features. Different game modes in order to increase replay value – you complete adventure mode, you can take the test more challenging, or just play around the virtual tank or hidden in free play mode. Unlike most puzzle games, one is an important element in the management of resources to attract fans of strategy games. Fighting aliens and bwydopysgod dirabeharrezko but in simple terms can be a challenge in maintaining the resources that you need.

    roguein fun puzzles

    Insaniquarium different style of play is an interesting combination of fun, kid-friendly wrapping visual. premissejumlah great sense, but pleasant to deal aquarium – how whiling the time – and sometimes surprisingly challenging.

    Insaniquarium Deluxe 1

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    48 3 Votes


  • Suppose the event and BY Experience A live interesting way to bring up the rebel, work and advertising ballet of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on Sunday January 24 at the cinema to select the whole country. Many fans dream of marrying a beautiful Bianca and incentives, including Luciento. But someoneMarries his father before her older sister, the melancholy of Katharina, married herself. French choreographer Jean-Christophe Mayo earth mapinduzini adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy, specially adapted to the Great-Players, and the magnetic responds to two stunning, continuousDance, unlike each other, which shows Bolshois-incompleteness and energy in new directions. This new production was developed specifically for the Bolshoi Theater and it can be seen anywhere!

    Bolshoi Ballet: Taming Of The Shrew
    50 3 Torrent rating


  • Age of Empires III

    Age of Empires and the fascination of the legendary civilization that has ever existed is a strategic games.

    Now this will be the third part of the New World. Players from the time of the discovery of the industrial development of the European nations are able to age. The beginning of the Rocky Mountains in the swamps of Florida – eight countries that fought in many countries in order to play. You can hire Indian tribes along the way and take control of the trade routes haiekinsaiatu, ergreifenSie support your empire in Europewhile.

    No doubt some of the best graphics of the game have a clear vision to see the series Age of Empires. However, the developers seem to be focused on graphics, realistic aspects mehrvon. One exception to this is the fact that your home to help European nations can plunder the new world, what do duAurreko versions.

    But really the attention to detail and the realities of history, allowing the game away in ignorance. Age of Empires Native Americans are mercenariesAs depicted, not hundreds of years, the tribes as spiritual and gold mines suddenly, before they do!

    Age of Empires 3 ausund great potential to be a great game, but the developers will have to pay more attention to the events that are likely to pay historikoeipropioa graphics.

    Empires IIF is the age of the famous strategy game Age of Empires real time. This package also includes ErweiterungspaketDie Conquerors.

    This part of the strategy classic fall of Rome to the Middle Agesgoes. Britons, Byzantines, Celts, Goths, Teutons, Franks, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Saracens, Turks and the Vikings: Age Of Empires II, you can control a 13 civilization. If you played before, how it works, you know, or trade – this is your day on sabiraneResursi army to train soldiers for hire will be able to pull you spend.

    Age Of Empires II is a highly detailed game, but that does not mean that it is difficult to play. In fact, the game is pretty oldand the gameplay is intuitive and very realistic context. There are a few notes, the ability to Age of Empires II or Genki Khan Uilyam Uolas proposal as a legendary leader like play bezalakoasko hard to resist! You can play against the computer or against other opponents.

    Age Of Empires II was released for more than 11 years, and in its place according to the Age of Empires III and online options. It is said that this Age of Empires II is a classic, and even invented a little older is observed,A number of fans. Will and age2?

    Age Of Empires II is an absolute classic. If you’re a fan, you will soon.

    Age of Empires III

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    • Age of Empires III download free
    19 0 Votes


  • Ttulo original: SMRT in Sarajevu (Mort Sarajevo) aka

    Ao: 2016

    Duracin: 85 min.

    Pa: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Director: Danis Tanovik

    Guion: Danis Tanovik (work: Bernard-Anri Levi)

    Msica: Mirza Taayrovik

    Photo: Erol Zubčević

    Distribution: Snezana Markovic, Isudin Badzhrovik, Vedrana Seks, Mohamed Hadzovik, FaketaSalibegovik, Edin Avdedzhik Koja, Jacques Weber, Alexander sex

    Productora: Coproduccin Bosnia and Herzegovina-France; Margo Films /

    Gnero: Drama

    Synopsis: Europa Hotel, the Delos msSaraevoin a van to the European diplomticos attacks delegacin Home centenary of the First World War to prepare ospatzeko.Cocinas shot-de-los-Workers, which is free of charge for two months. Meanwhile, journalist and man of adversity Põdra televisin film program part (or not) de la delegacin, habitacin ensaya his speech.

    Hotel Europa HDRip
    19 4 Torrent rating



"İyi tasarım temiz sonuç"

Mehtap Bakır
"İyi tasarım, temiz sonuç." Medya Time ile en son yaptığımız çalışmalardan bir tanesi antetli kağıt, zarf ve mektuplar ile sticker çalışması oldu. Özel kağıt üzerine varak yaldız ile basılan işlerimiz çok başarılı bir sonuç verdi. 7 yıldır çalıştığımız Medya Time reklam ajansı ile ağırlıklı olarak kurumumuza ait derginin tasarım, basımı konusunda da hiç bir sorun yaşamadığımızı da belirtmekte fayda var.

"Birlikte çalışmaktan mutluyuz."

Esen Erkan
Türkiye Enerji Vakfı olarak kurulduğu günden bugüne vakfımızın kurumsal kimliğinin oluşturulması, basılması, kurum içi görsel tasarımların hazırlanması ve uygulanması, vakfımızın iktisadi işletmesine ait olan Enerji Panorama dergisinin tasarım, basım işlerini kesintisiz olarak Medya Time reklam ajansı ile çalışmaktayız. Ne istediğimizi çok iyi bilen bir ekip ile tasarlanan işler tam zamanında elimize ulaşıyor.

“Titiz çalışma, ve istediğimiz neticeyi aldık. Kocaman bir teşekkür.”

Yılmaz Doğan
Şirketimizin logosu ile tüm kurumsal kimliğinin hazırlanması ve mükemmel bir şekilde uygulanmasını yapan Medya Time reklam ajansına kocaman bir teşekkür. Uzun ve zahmetli bir süreç sonunda yaptığımız şirketimize ait katalog ve seti bizim için bir övünç kaynağı oldu. Kataloğumuzu incelemek isterseniz adresinden bakabilirsiniz.

“Hızlı sonuç, başarılı bir sonuç .”

Tamer Şenver
Firmamızın logosu ile başlayıp tüm kurumsal kimliğimizin oluşturulması, web sitemizin tasarlanıp yayına verilmesi süreci bir sohbet ve kahve içimi kadar sürdü diyebilirim... İşlerimizin sorunsuz ve hızlı yapılmasından daha önemlisi bir problem veya destek talebimiz olduğunda anında geri dönüş alabilmek bizim için hayati derecede önemli. Bu konuda çok başarılı olduğunu söylemekte fayda var.












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